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The Polish Fauna Garden is more than just a place for observing the animals and having a good time.

Each zoological garden is also a place for ecological education, and the Zoo in "Myślęcin" Park is the only establishment of this kind where you can become familiar with the rich variety of Polish fauna. Come and visit our zoo and see how  Polish animals live - especially those which are difficult to spot in the wild, such as nocturnal species and animals whose numbers are very limited.

Each walk, pool and cage features an information board displaying the animal's photograph and a short description of the species. Boards with additional information are also placed all around the zoo.


Detailed information about the educational activities of the zoo can be obtained from:

Educational Assistant, mgr Magdalena Węglarz, phone no. +48 328 00 08, +48 328 00 09, ext. 39, 

Monday-Friday, from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm

Right from the beginning of history, man has tried his best to exercise control over other species. Sadly, this has contributed to the diminishing numbers, or even the extinction of many animals and plants. Therefore, it is the mission of zoological and botanical gardens to protect the environment with all its inhabitants. Some of the most significant objectives of each zoological garden include:

  • Breeding animals with a view to protecting endangered species and preserving biological diversity
  • Promoting social awareness and interest in environmental protection
  • Education, especially of children and young people
  • Reintroduction, or releasing animals into the wild after endowing them with necessary survival skills
  • Developing and spreading knowledge about anatomy, morphology, taxonomy, eating habits, behaviour, reproduction, physiology, psychology and veterinary medicine.